Red Bluff

I promised I’d tell you about our adventure, and I am a woman of my word. I have been wanting to travel to Redbluff Mississippi for quite some time. It’s approximately 2 1/2 hours from my house, so it was not a trip that would be taken on the spur the moment. And not a trip that my husband would be too awfully fond of.

Anyway, the day came and Sterling and I loaded up. I wasn’t feeling exactly myself, but I ate a little breakfast, and I thought it would just pass. I thought I’d be OK. Well, I was pretty wrong, but that’s later on. I drove down to red Bluff, which is situated west of Hattiesburg Mississippi.  Of course, I, being directionally challenged had a little bit of a difficult time finding the place. By the time Rod called and started kind of chewing me out for going so far away, I was getting thoroughly frustrated. But, I was already there. I mean turning around really wasn’t an option, although I did consider it for about a microsecond.   With adventure looming, now all we had to do was find the place.

Unfortunately, this time, Siri just couldn’t help me out. After we had traveled in a full circle and come back to where we had started, it was looking like this was going to be a non-adventure. Then, I saw the motorcycles. I looked it Sterling and I said, “we’re going to follow them!”  Sterling looked at me with a  question in his eyes, and I said “motorcyclists Love to go to red Bluff. I’ll bet that’s where they’re going.”

We followed the motorcyclists down a curvy and winding road. It was absolutely gorgeous. And then, there on the side of the road was a road close sign. We had found our adventure!  We parked the truck, and walked under the barrier, and met up with a nice man named Harley who had been coming to red Bluff for quite some time. He and his daughter were taking the walk, and they had brought some friends that had never been there. It was his daughters first time visiting. As we stepped up to the top of the hill, the view was absolutely amazing. For a moment, I actually forgot that my stomach was a little upset. For miles and miles and miles all you could see was beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds and green trees below them. I never expected to see a view like that standing in front of a canyon in Mississippi. Then, as you look down you see the canyon. The Rosian over the years has created peaks and valleys and paths, and on the cliff faces you can see bright brilliant colors running all the way through them. I saw a red’s, and oranges, and purple, and yellow. It was magnificent. Harley told us that if we got back in the truck and drove a little bit farther there would be another parking area and on that side there was a path that would take us down to the river. Well, of course you know we had to go!

On the other side of the canyon, there were probably 30 to 40 cars parked. There were people seemingly everywhere, yet we ran into very few. And true to his word, there was a path just like Harley had said. Sterling and I started to wind our way down, and I just started to feel not so great, but the thought of the adventure kept me going forward. When we got to the bottom there were two ways we could go. If we turn to the right, we would enter the canyon, if we turn to the left, we could head towards the pearl river and the railroad tracks. We turned left. If you more feet, and they’re in front of us was a set of railroad tracks and a little bit farther we could see the river. The trees covered this area and it was beautiful and shaded, and here we did see people walking along the tracks and picnicking with their dogs. We even saw a family that was splashing in a creek, and later we saw them playing on a sandbar. I knew that there was a train wreckage somewhere down here and so we asked a family where it was and continued our track that way. As we walked Sterling and I discussed why the train wrecked, and how come they never cleaned it up. But neither of us had the answer. When we got to the train wreckage, of course there had to be some climbing! And the train cars were positioned in such a way that you could actually get in them. They were laying on their side, and we were not the first to climb inside of them. A funny thing happened when we were in there though. I guess it must’ve been because of the way the train car was laying, but both Sterling and I felt dizzy standing in this car. It was the strangest thing!

After we exited the train car, I really started feeling really bad. The thing that made it even worse, was that the truck was parked approximately 150 feet above me. I didn’t really want to ruin the adventure for Sterling, because he was actually having a good time so, we went on. Someone had told us that we could walk the creek bed,  and enter the canyon that way. Well, with the way I was feeling that sounded like a really good idea. I was slow, and some of my pictures were out of focus, but I am really glad that we chose to walk the creek bed. It was another landscape entirely. It was almost alien again. It was another landscape that I really didn’t picture in Mississippi.  At one point, Sterling stop to wait for me and I took his picture standing and some trees behind me, being very quiet, was a couple who had hung a Hamic between two trees and was sitting there watching the world go by I guess. It was a nice place to relax!

Finally, we decided to enter the canyon. This was so amazing! Standing at the bottom of the canyon and looking up at where we had been made us feel so small. And the colors were just as bright down here as they were looking down on them. Had I felt better, Sterling and I probably would’ve tried to climb one of the cliff faces. As it was there were still several hikers that we’re sitting in various locations on the cliff faces. We walked around, and explored, and then it was time to make the climb back up to the top. Let’s just say, that I didn’t throw up. That was probably the biggest achievement of the day! I did have to stop at least three times on the 400 foot trail up to the top. At one point, A woman passed me and she said that woman looks like she’s in shape I’m gonna hate to see how I look coming back up. Let’s just say, do not go out to Redbluff Mississippi when you have a stomach virus!

I did make it to the top though! And just to let you know how bad I felt, Sterling drove home and I really don’t think I side seat drove it all. He would probably tell you differently, and I just can’t help it. All in all, the trip was amazing. It was all inspiring, and something that just must be seen to be believed and appreciated. It was time I get to spend with Sterling, and it was especially bittersweet this week for personal reasons.  On a sidenote, I didn’t end up going to work the next day I never got out of bed! Thank goodness that stomach virus was only the 24 hour variety, I don’t usually get sick, but that was horrible!

Today I want to leave you with this thought. No matter what kind of family you have, no matter if it’s fractured and no matter if you’re mad at them or they’re mad at you, make sure they know that you love them. Make sure that you take the time to spend time with them. And make sure you never let an opportunity go by to make a memory with them. You just never know when the next moment will be your last moment. I hope each and everyone of you have an amazing day! Here are a couple of shots of red Bluff, if you live in Mississippi, make sure you go! By the way, I did look it up, and it seems like almost every state has a Grand Canyon of some sort. So go explore yours today!

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