Being nice

I have three sisters. I don’t talk to some of them all that much, I think the last time I talk to my  one sister was when her oldest was being born. Some of that’s my fault, and some of it’s just life. My family has never been really close. I have one sister that lives in Nebraska and does her own thing and no one in the family really hears from her. And then I have another sister.  Now when I got kicked out of my house when I was 16 this sister was just a baby. She was actually, in either kindergarten or first grade I can’t remember which. So, I never really got to know her all that well. When she was younger   However, I do love my sisters. And the sister that I’m talking about now, is gay. I have absolutely no problem with that.  It’s her life, and I think she needs to live it however she sees fit and do what makes her happy.

Well, at any rate last night I saw her post something on social media, and basically people were judging her and giving her a hard time for whatever reason. Now, life is hard enough without someone getting into your business and creating you all kinds of misery. My sister, may put on a good front but she’s actually A very tenderhearted person. She may act like she doesn’t care and might pretend to say fuck everything, but in all actuality the words and actions of others hurt. I don’t care if she’s my sister she’s not my sister, I would feel the same pretty much no matter who it was. Why on earth do people have to be mean?  I mean honestly, is she really hurting anyone? For that matter is the kid that you teased yesterday really hurting anyone? Is the person that you judged really hurting anyone? And let me ask you this, are the infringing upon your life in someway? I’m sorry is the air that you breathe and that they share so precious that you can’t share it with another human being? I mean at the end of the day, that’s really what we’re talking about here. Another human being. I’m pretty sure, that the golden rule that my grandma taught me said that I should treat everybody how I wanted to be treated. Pretty sure that’s what it was. And all of these people, these so-called Christians or these people to think that they’re so much better than everybody else treat everyone else like crap. Now, on the same subject, I don’t believe in pushing your lifestyle, whatever it is in someone else’s face. So, all of those activist for whatever they are trying to activate for, they need to take a step back too. 

If you really think about it, if you just went about your life, and tried to treat other people nicely, or however you want to be treated, and everybody just did that, pretty sure that the whole world would get along pretty well. And this is not meant to be a rant against anybody. Well, against mean people maybe. It was just an observation. If you are so unhappy with your life that you feel the need to make other people feel worse than you, then you have a serious problem. I don’t know where in the world this mentality came from, but making other people feel bad because you feel bad really doesn’t make you feel any better. It might make you feel a little superior for a minute, but helping someone up and brightening some Ones day will make you feel so much better in the long run.

As for my crazy family, I love my sisters. I may not talk to all of them, but I do love them. I just want them to be happy. That’s all I want out of anybody’s life. And whoever they are with, or however they choose to live their life, well unless they’re out murdering people or something. However they choose to live it, as long as you’re not hurting someone else, or harming themselves or others, who am  I to say what’s right or wrong. Ultimately, in the end I’m not the judge, I’m not the jury. That’s for a higher power whatever it is, to judge us. So to all the mean people out there, take a look in the mirror, and get over it. Life is way too short to be mean to other people. All it does is make people sure that you have serious issues.  I can’t think of any excuse in the world to actually be mean to somebody. I mean I just can’t think of one. And, why is it someone else’s business or responsibility they think, to get into your business? I just don’t see it. Is there a hurt being done? Is someone dying? No.  My poor sister, and her fiancé, were so upset about this person that was supposedly their friend and doing all of the things that she did. At the end of the day, this woman obviously has issues. And they are far bigger issues than any that she might think that my sister has. I just don’t understand it.

So, today I’ll leave you with this thought. Be nice to people. It’s just that simple. Most of us don’t want people to be mean to us. So  be nice. I know sometimes it’s hard, and I know sometimes we have bad days and we are mean to people. I am I know everybody else is too. But, to actively go out and be mean, I try never to do that. Because you never know someone’s story. So, be nice. I hope everyone has a great day, and I’ll leave you with some pictures that you may or may not have seen before. Talk to you soon oh, and by the way happy Easter everyone!

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