Sunday Drive

Most of you know by now that I write for our local paper.  I enjoy it and it puts a little extra money in my pocket.  What you probably don’t know is that not all of my ideas get the green light.  Sometimes they are too far away or sometimes there are too many of the same type of thing to be fair.  Well, last Sunday it was raining and I was trying to come up with a drive and Rod was home…well, we all know that there are times that he doesn’t want me out gallivanting around, and I don’t blame him but I also have these other responsibilities.  Then I had an incredible idea and it seemed so perfect that I asked him to go as well.

I had the idea that since it was raining an indoor destination would be best and not that far away, (which was good for Rod) was a huge flea market!  Eureka!  I have found my adventure!!  Well, this is what I thought anyway.  Later on the editor told me that since there are so many flea markets, unless it is special I really couldn’t focus (or they really) on just one over another one.  Well…that is why I am writing it here.  The following story is close to the one that I was going to write for the paper.  I know not as many people will see it, but I wanted to write it anyway.   I hope you enjoy it!

Sometimes, when you wake up on a Sunday and look out the window, your plans for whatever drive you were going to take are dashed.  When this happens, you can either stay home, or find somewhere else to go.  A Sunday Drive is a tradition of spending time together as a family and just like in life, sometimes plans get changed.  That is when we need to readjust and spend the time together in another way.  This week the rain on Sunday may have prevented heading to a nice outdoorsy spot, but in Union, Mississippi, in an old RV and boat storage building is an experience that has something for everyone.


The dictionary defines a flea market as: a market, often outdoors, consisting of a number of individual stalls selling old or used articles, curios and antiques, cut-rate merchandise,etc.   It further goes on to tell us that the origin of a flea market is: 1917, especially in reference to the marché aux puces in Paris, so-called”because there are so many second-hand articles sold of all kinds that they are believed to gather fleas.” [E.S. Dougherty, “In Europe,” 1922].  We know that there are no fleas, but there are second hand articles of all kinds.  As you enter the confines for the very large metal building you will see the hard work of others and things that may transport you back to your childhood.  Handcrafted items and jars of marbles near each other give way to bottles and glasses and costume jewelry.  Books and cans and signs, everyone is sure to find something that they can take home with them.  More than that, there are memories waiting to be found.  Down one aisle sits 3 Flexible Flyer snow sleds.  Someone will walk by those sleds and laugh, remembering how they flew down a hill from their childhood.  Recalling vividly how exhilarating it was to soar down the hill only to fall off at the end, into a large bank of fresh, soft snow.  Remembering how they ran as fast as they could back up the hill, dragging the sled behind them so that they could do it all again and again until their mother declared it was time to head home.  Or maybe the tractor seat on the milk can will remind someone of their grandpa working all day on his tractor but still finding time to stop and show them how to catch the biggest bass in the pond.  


There are no fleas at the flea market, but there are memories so thick that you almost have to brush them aside.  Not all of the items may end up going home with you in your car, but most likely you will have new memories to talk to your family about…things that you may never have thought to talk about before.  Time spent together making new memories from old ones.  That is what Sunday Drives are all about.


As an aside, Rod and I ended up with a Flexible Flyer that we are going to use for decoration in our house in Michigan.  I never thought I would see one here in Mississippi but you just never know what will pop up.  Anyway, take the time to visit the Flea Market.  It is on Highway 15 in Union, Mississippi.  I can’t guarantee you will take something home but  I can guarantee you will have lots to look at!

For today I leave you with a few shots from the flea market and the hope that you will find time to make those memories with your family wherever you can, rain or shine!!  Talk to you all soon!!


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