Technical Difficulties

Here we are back in the UP.  It is a well needed vacation, I was getting a bit frazzled in my day to day.  My heart longs for this place when I am not here.  Sometimes a little, and sometimes a lot.  So, we are back!  Wednesday night around midnight I woke my husband up and we took off.  I had not been to bed because my husband said that I could sleep the rest of the night.  Well, we got all loaded up in the truck, and you must keep in mind that I had wrenched my back cleaning my chicken coop so I was not moving very well at all and I had 18 hours to ride in the truck.  But, it would be worth it.  We get in the truck and my husband sees me starting to think about going to sleep and he says; “I need you to stay awake until 5:30 and then you can sleep all day.”  This is different than what he had said before, but I understood so I downed a 5 hour energy and began to chatter to him.  (When I am think he is sleepy that is what I do.)  5:30 rolled around and the sun was starting to rise and he said he “hoped” he would be okay to drive.  So, I fixed the pillow and closed my eyes.  Within 15 minutes the sunroof was open, the music was blaring and he was talking to Felix, the dog.  I knew I was not going to be able to sleep.  So, I gave up any pretense of sleep and sat back to try and enjoy the ride.

We finally arrived and our home was just as we had left it with 2 exceptions…there was no hot water and the heat was not turning on because of the ADT thermostat again.  So, there were no showers before bed.  Luckily we have back up electric head that we can turn up.  Finally I headed to bed, happy to have arrived.

The next day I spent installing the new Smart Home stuff to replace ADT, which does not work very well in my home.  I personally installed the thermostat, the cameras, the smoke detector and the doorbell…although Rod did help with that one.  They all seem to be working so that is a step in the right direction.  The guys came and checked out the hot water heater, it was fuses, so showers could be had!!  I ended the day with Rod taking me down to the Lake and I got to play with my camera a bit.

Finally on Saturday we were going riding!  This was what everyone had been waiting for.  We left the house, went down 2 trails and Rod got stuck.  He got really stuck.  We got out but then he discovered that the winch was not working.  We finally found the right fuse and off we went again.  We got gas, went down a couple more trails and Rod got stuck again…then Sterling got stuck…then the belt on Sterling’s rig broke.  Now we were in trouble.  You see, without the belt, you don’t go anywhere.  We pulled Sterling to a little better location and Rod and Spencer took off to go and buy a belt.  So, Sterling, Blake and I sat in the middle of nowhere waiting for them to return.  All in all we spent 2 1/2 hours sitting in the woods today.  I was hoping the entire time that the local wildlife, (bears and wolves) would not be in that area.  I do know that the Ring doorbell works very well though.  Rod and Spencer pulled up in front of the house and the doorbell let me know that someone was there.  So, when I saw them on the camera I started talking to them.  It gave Rod a little start at first but after he figured it out it was quite funny.

After we got it all fixed we thought we were finally going to get some good riding in.  We were heading down a very pretty trail in the middle of nowhere when Sterling’s rig stopped again.  By now Pat’s Motorsports was closed and we were a little stuck.  So, we pulled it down the road to the highway and went back after it with the truck and trailer.  It will be heading to the shop on Tuesday.

The first couple of days were filled with technical difficulties, but then life wouldn’t be the same without days that seem like they will never end.  I know that the rest of the trip will most likely be awesome since we have gotten the bad or aggravating things out of the way early.  And, Monday my daughter is coming to stay for a bit so the trip is bound to be awesome.  At any rate, I have not gotten a lot of photos just yet, but here are a couple from today.  Talk to you again soon.


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