The Bigfoot Hole

I love my husband very much, I just wanted to get that out of the way before I begin this tale.  Sometimes he gets us into the most interesting situations that you can imagine and today was one of those days.

We finally have a day when we could all ride and so we took off this morning.  I assumed that since we had gotten stuck in this really large hole the day before that we would stay away from the whole getting the machines buried kind of thing.  I should have known better.  Most of the day was good riding.  There were a couple of places that were dicey, but we muscled through them and all the machines were doing great.  Then we turned down the trail to Rockland.  When we got to the highway I asked him “We are going to go on that other trail right?”  I mean, it was right up the highway and was actually pretty.  Nope, he goes right across the highway and proceeds to get stuck in the same mud hole that he got stuck in the day before.  When I looked out my door I saw that I was in a deeper hole than before and I just turned and looked at him knowing that I had to get out in it.  I stepped out into the deepest, slimiest mud that you can imagine.  You know the kind.  The kind that tries with all it’s might to suck off your tied boot and almost succeeds.  The kind that the dinosaurs disappeared into.  The kind that mothers warn their children about.  That kind of mud, and I had to wade out into it to pull the winch out and hook it to a tree.  After nearly disappearing forever into the murky depths of the mud, I got us all hooked up and Rod winched us out easily.  Sterling made it through and I thought, “Good, we are done with this hole”.  Boy was I wrong.

Now, I should mention that there was a warning sign of sorts at the beginning of the hole.  It was a sign with a Sasquatch on it, kind of like those deer crossing signs.  I can only surmise that someone meant to say that this is a Big Foot Hole.  At any rate, we made it to the top of the trail, after Sterling got stuck in another location, and decided that we would head into town to eat.

After eating we headed back towards home.  I should have known something was up when the boys were laughing, but I didn’t really think anything about it.  When we didn’t turn on the trail I said, “Where are you going, the trail is over there” at that point, my husband says, “I know a short cut.”  I now realize that I am in trouble.  I take time to point out that we got stuck not that long ago and my husband replies, “But we will be going down.”  This is the logic of men.

We made it down the hill.  Maybe we were going to get through this…I could see the big hole right in front of us and I swear that my husband stopped and then, if I am not mistaken, took aim and deliberately drove nose first into the deepest and darkest part of the hole.  We were now stuck in the mud nose first.  WOW, I turned and looked at my husband and as I punched him in the arm I said, “Really Rodney?  Really?”  He turned and smirked at me.  I knew we were so stuck that there was no getting out by ourselves.  My phone was about dead and I was hoping that Sterling would answer his phone.  I called both boys and there was no answer.  I was beginning to worry and then, Sterling called me back.  Thank goodness!!!

I exited the machine and sunk almost to my armpits in the mud, after my husband had tried to push me out the door as I stood on the rails.  (Well, actually I sank to my shin, but it was trying to pull me in deeper.)  I began to look for the winch, only to discover that is was buried under a ton of mud.  Meanwhile, my husband is sitting in the RZR and telling me what I need to be doing.   I am grumbling under my breath and then Sterling and his friend Blake arrive.  Blake gets out to help me and after some digging and pulling and grumbling and barely escaping the mud we winch Rod out.

Lesson for the day: If you see a Sasquatch crossing sign, the mud hole that is there must be very deep!

All in all, the day was amazing and this is one memory that I will not forget!!


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