Since Lia came to visit her brothers, there were things that they did together that I didn’t take pardon. Kayaking was one of those. The kids all got into the rental car, and took off towards Where they were going to rent kayaks at. Rod and I followed in the truck, because I wanted to take pictures. This was the first time the boys had ever been kayaking.  They rented the kayaks, and everything seem to be going off without a hitch. I got some great pictures of them paddling out for the first time, and then, I used the lawn lands and I saw that my children had taken off their lifejackets. I was not a happy camper! By this time, they are so far from shore, that I can’t just yell at them. So, Rod and I got into the truck, and drove down the shoreline and I motioned for them to come in. Once they got close to shore I started a tirade.  Needless to say, they ended up putting lifejackets back on. Something then I’m very sure that came in pretty handy later.

Rod and I got some good pictures, and then we headed back to the house. That’s approximately 20 minutes away. Sometime during their adventure, I kind of got a funny feeling. So I text Spencer, because I knew that they all had their phones. Eventually, I got an answer. And then they told me that they were going out to go to dinner. OK, I figured that was fine. Little did I know, that they were calling their nervous as well as eating.

They arrived home, and they were happy and joking, but a little reserved. So when I asked how it went, my daughter looks at me and says, “well, I do want to say right now that I did bring them all home safely”. With a statement like that, there had to be a story. And by gosh I was going to get it. I do have to say, that everything that follows I got secondhand.

Apparently once they got their little butts chewed by me, they paddle down the shoreline in general he had a great time. There were no issues. I have set a timer, so that they knew when they had to turn around, because they only had The kayaks rented for five hours I think. And any rate, they generally had an amazing time. And then, they turned around. What they told me, is that going out had been no big deal because the waves were in slapping against the kayak. However, when they turned around for some reason the way the water was Spencer’s Kayak began to take on water. Whoever had rented it before them, had neglected to tell the owners that there was a very small black plug missing from the kayak. Come to find out, that this plug was a very important feature on the kayak. So, now Spencer’s kayak has began to take on water. And they’re in Lake superior. The temperature of the water in Lake Superior last week was probably in the 40s. If you’ve looked at my personal Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen that the kids jumped in. However they jumped in and they jumped right back out. The water is cold. They had quite a ways to paddle. And they got decently close to the shore where they were going to take the kayaks out, and Spencer’s kayak all of a sudden starts two, in his words do a wheelie. He has no idea what’s going on. He’s paddled in the thing all day, and no problems so he would never begin to imagine that it could possibly be taking on water. He yelled out his brother, but they were some distance apart, and his brother just continue to paddle. He killed his brother a second time and told him that he needed help, and Sterling turned around and started to paddle towards him and then turned around again, because he thought his brother was just messing with him. After Spencer yelled for help a third time, Sterling turned around and really saw what was going on and then began to paddle with all his might to get to his brother before his brother went into Lake superior. By this time, everyone has seen what’s going on, and they are all making a mad dash back to Spencer. Keep in mind, that by now they’ve been paddling for almost five hours and they’re all tired. Sterling almost made it to Spencer, and Spencer and it up in the lake. They grab the kayak, and Spencer came up and began to tread water, with the lifejacket on thank goodness. He was cold, and they had to figure out someway to get the kayak and Spencer to shore.

They ended up, getting Spencer on to lianas kayak, and there happens to be someone on a boat that was very close to them and so they managed to get him to come over and haul them back into shore. By this time, everyone is wet, and everyone is very cold. Especially Spencer. They end up going and telling the owner of the kayak rental place, and he ends up refunding their money but asked that they please spend the refund in the store. So, they all get clean dry clothes.  Apparently, the owner of the kayak rental place was actually pretty nice about the whole thing. He said, that people often neglect to tell them when something is wrong with one of the kayaks, because they don’t want to lose their deposit. He said that he understands that things happen, let little things can lead to big things like what happened to my family. I don’t really care about any of that, I understand where he’s coming from I’m just happy that my entire family made it home safely.

At the end of the day, my kids had an adventure together that they will never forget. Every time they put those clothes on, Bill thanks Spencer for ending up in Lake superior. They pull together they worked it out, and everyone made it home safely. I know that Lia was very shaken, once it was all over. Once the reality of it set in, she said to me, “I could’ve lost my brother” not how she wanted to spend her vacation.  But, like I said  it did end well.

That night, sitting on my deck, I made a Facebook post about how I was especially thankful to have all my children around me. I was thinking about what could’ve happened what didn’t happen and what did happen. If you live your life by what could happen, you’ll never do anything. If you live your life thinking about all of the bad things that could happen, you’ll miss all the good things that do happen. I hope, that you don’t think too much about what could happen and just enjoy what does happen. I’ll talk to you again soon, and here’s a couple photos to tide you over till next time. Have a great day everyone!

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