I am on the way to work as usual, and I just finished up my morning round of phone calls. Since my family is all off working, the only way I can really stay in touch with them is by phone. So every morning I try to make sure and call each one of them, and I try and do the same thing as soon as I get off work each night. Even though they’re together, that way I get to talk to each and everyone of them. Well, except for Sterling because his phone is not the greatest. But, I do try.

I hope, that when they’re bigger and they’re off doing their own thing that this is a tradition that we can continue. I try to talk to my mother at least once or twice a month. I tried to call Lia at least once or twice a month. I wish that I talked to her more, but she’s busy with her life and I understand that. I’m afraid, that that is what’s going to happen with the boys as well. They will get busy with their lives, And I will be stuck with phone calls once or twice a month. I guess that thought makes me think about family more  And how hard it can be to keep everyone close when the world is trying to pull them apart. So often everyone moves and goes their own way, and then they don’t realize how much they’ve missed of one another’s lives until it’s too late. I don’t want my family to be like that.

Yesterday, at work, I met a couple that are kind of like Rod and I. They had three children, one was 25, one had graduated recently from high school, and the other one was a senior this year. They were getting ready to begin the second phase of their lives. The phase that I’m getting ready to begin with Rod, the part where there are no children at home. It’s a scary thing, Because really, that means that I am kind of redefining who I am. I’ll always be a mom, but now I will be a mom in a different way. Luckily for me, I never lost touch with my husband. I see so many people that end up getting a divorce once the kids are grown because they really don’t know who the person is that they are married to. I’m lucky in that way. I know exactly who my husband is. Sometimes he annoys me, sometimes he is sweet as he can be, but he is always Rod, the one that I married 20 some years ago. We still like to do things together, and he still annoys the tar out of me, and I’m sure I annoy the tar out of him. So, When this next phase comes and it’s just he and I in the house I don’t think I’ll have such a hard time transitioning. I will always love and always miss having my children around, however the only thing I can do is hope that we remain as close as we are now. I guess that’s all you can do. I have to let them go so that they can live their own lives and I will begin mine again with just my husband. It’s kind of exciting really. It’s the chance for Rod and I to do the things that we always wanted to do but either we were too young and immature to do them, or we had children to worry about. Well, you never really stop worrying about your kids I don’t think, I just won’t have any living in my house.

As far as new phases go, I think this one’s going to be pretty exciting. I am kind of looking forward to it. I know that I will be sad, and I know that the house will get lonely. But all in all, it’s just life. We go through so many different phases in our lives  Life changes, sometimes by the minute, and the only thing you can do is adapt, roll with the punches, and continue to enjoy this awesome journey that we’re all on. So, I hope each and everyone of you have an amazing day today and continue to enjoy your journey.  Talk to you soon. 

By the way, you know it’s going to be in amazing day when one of your favorite 80s songs comes on the radio as you’re driving into work. 😂😁

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