I talked to a man yesterday who worked in law-enforcement and he had traveled all over the place. He said one thing that struck me as rather funny. He said the drivers from the Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan area were among some of the most polite drivers he had ever encountered.  I just think that that is absolutely hilarious, because everyone complains about the way the people drive. And this man, was saying how polite those drivers are.

Perhaps what makes them so polite, is that they actually understand and obey the rules of the road. Now, this is just one man’s experience, however I kind of agree with his assessment. I’m sure there are polite drivers everywhere. We just don’t run into them all that often.  If you were driving in one of those states more than likely when you pull up to a four-way stop the people around you understand that the first person to stop is the one that goes first. And, gasp, this actually happens. So often times I pull up to a four-way stop there is  someone that seems to be racing to get to somewhere, so before they’ve even stopped, they are going through the intersection no matter how long I’ve been sitting there.

 Another thing that must be something that is taught elsewhere and not here, is that if you are turning, use your turn signal. If the person five cars in front of you is turning, do not use your turn signal. I was taught in drivers education class, because we all know I am from that area, that if you signal to let someone behind you know that someone in front of you is turning, the person behind you doesn’t know if you’re turning or someone else’s turning and they may try to go around you. Now, this does not cause a huge problem unless you, who are signaling for the person in front of you, decide to go around that person as well. Then, you have a traffic accident. If you personally are going to turn, Then put your turn signal on. Oh, by the way, for those of you that don’t know:  the turn signal is located on the steering column. It is a blinking indicator that lets people behind and in front of you know that you were going to turn,   Just thought I’d do that public service announcement.

Another thing he said was that if he went speeding through a town chasing someone, in pursuit of someone, the other drivers moved out of the way. I think that one’s kind of common sense. I can tell you that there is common sense lacking in certain drivers today. For example, just the other night I was heading home. I was on the four-lane and I was in the passing lane. I was in the passing lane because I was slowly passing a car. I was going fast enough that I was over the speed limit yet slow enough that I didn’t just whip by them. And at any  rate, a very large truck was coming up very quickly on my rear so I sped up.  Apparently, this gave the car beside me the idea that I wanted to race them because then they sped up. Now I have cars in front of me, a truck coming up on my rear and some idiot in the slow lane trying to race me. Needless to say I got by the car let the truck go by and slowed back down to the proper speed limit. Then the idiot beside me decided that they needed to go in The passing lane and simply ride beside me for awhile. This involved me speeding up again, because riding beside anyone is not a very smart idea. The moral of that little story, is: use common sense when you drive. I’m not sure that they teach that in driver’s ed anymore or if they ever have, and I wish that I could sell common sense to those lacking it. Boy, if I could do that I would be a rich woman indeed. However, somewhere in the brain of the driver there is a modicum of common sense. It’s put they’re just so when you drive, you can access it so you don’t kill other people with sheer stupidity. So, I think it’s a very good idea to use common sense and courtesy when you drive. And it doesn’t really hurt anything to be polite. If someone is going faster than you, let them in. If a police car or an ambulance or something of that nature comes up behind you let them go by. Use your blinkers, don’t drive in the passing lane unless you are passing someone. These are all things that it shouldn’t be hard to do.

And any rate, I am actually having a very good drive to work this morning. I didn’t mean to turn this into a rant, I just thought it was an interesting conversation that brought up some valid points   Enjoy your day today, and enjoy your drives. I hope you are surrounded by drivers that can actually use the common sense that they were born with, and make your drive as pleasant as mine has been. Talk to you soon

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