I've been pretty stressed out lately. I don't know if it has to do with hormones, or work, or my husband, or the state of the world today, but the stress has been there. Sometimes, I find myself thinking about running away to a tiny house. I mean, I have you seen that show? Tiny house big living? Those people take Little trailers and turn them into houses and go off and live in them. I guess minimalist living at its finest. What I have noticed though, is that most of those people, put their house on their parents property. Now, I in no way want to do that. However, the allure of a tiny house, and pulling it behind a truck is that you would really have very few worries. I mean, you could live a nomadic lifestyle going from place to place and always have your home with you. There's always jobs if you want to work. You could detassel corn, pick berries, work from a laptop, or, find a construction job to pay you cash. The possibilities are limitless. In fact, within the past month I have talked to two people, that want to buy motorcycles and just take off. They say they want to take their motorcycle themselves, a bag, and that's it and just go. I do know of one guy that actually did it.

So, maybe I'm not alone. Maybe the world is getting to be a more stressful place. Maybe we all just want to throw up our hands and say that's it I'm done! But, the responsible thing is to keep going on, and in the end, that is what I'll do. Running away and living in a tiny house is one of those things that you think about when you're really really stressed out. Then, you put your boots on and pull them up and figure out a way to get through it, or at least that's what I do. I do think that each of us needs a little bit of peace. Whether it's wind therapy from a motorcycle, a vacation home where you can go and get away and leave all of your worries behind, or just date night with your significant other. There are scientific studies that say that stress will make you very sick. In fact, stress can actually kill a person. And we live in a very stressful world. I do know that I had a migraine last night, and most likely it was induced by stress. So, that's a wake up call to me that I need to become a little less stressed. And, in 41 days, I will be headed to the place that is like a soothing balm to my stressed-out soul. Can't wait.

So, the photos for today are ones that remind me to not be stressed. To take a minute and take a breath. Sometimes I forget to do that. Sometimes I let my stresses become bigger than they actually are.

I hope each and everyone of you take a minute and breathe. Or maybe two minutes. I don't want to see anything happen to anyone of you, and I know that I don't like the feeling when I'm stressed. It is kind of a gateway to a bunch of other bad things. So, I'm going to take that minute I'm going to breathe, and I'm going to look at these photos and remember that my life is pretty darn good. Not even because I have a vacation home or a home where I have where I live or even the job. It's good just because it is. I woke up this morning. I am able to get out of bed. I can face another day, and no matter what stresses come my way today, I can overcome them. No matter how many times people try to treat me like I'm stupid, or not worthy, or less then, I know I'm worth something. I am a good person, or I try to be. So no matter how many time someone tries to beat you down today just remember that. We are all good people, we are all worth something. And don't let your stress Control you. It will be gone before you know it, one way or the other. I hope everyone has an awesome day today, and I will talk to you again soon

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