I am guilty of a couple of things, I don’t think they’re actually really bad things, but I am guilty of them nonetheless. (there’s probably a lot more of my guilty list that I am aware, for the purposes of this article will say a couple things). I have a very very hard and fast idea of what is right and what is wrong. Now, I am the first one to admit that there is gray area, but there’s just certain things you don’t do. You don’t steal, and you don’t steal from your employer, you don’t murder someone obviously, you don’t intentionally hurt someone, you don’t cheat on someone, you try to treat everyone the way that you want to be treated as much as you can, and you don’t lie, The hard thing, can be to reconcile your self with working with people that don’t follow the same moral code that you do.

Morals are a funny thing, and it’s crazy but they vary from person to person. Some people interpret things in a way that allows them to sleep at night while they steal from countless people. Some people would never steal anything. Some people, have the ability to justify their wrong actions with the fact that maybe someone did something bad to them. Whether the slight to them is real or imagined, they use that to justify doing something wrong. according to my moral code if something is wrong it’s wrong. If it’s wrong today, it’s going to be wrong tomorrow. If it’s wrong before someone cheated you, It’s still wrong after someone cheated you.

For example, I have a friend that works for a car place in another state. This friend is a mechanic, and they had a wreck come in. The car is totaled, but the service manager told my friend to start taking certain things off of this car. Now, maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that at this point this car does not belong to the mechanic shop. It belongs to the insurance company. I’m sure, and I’m not sure how this works, but I’m sure an insurance adjuster has been out and given a value based on what he or she saw there. So, if they begin to take things off of this car, In my mind that constitutes theft. But more importantly, it’s just wrong. You just don’t do that. I don’t care if it’s to your neighbor, or to a company. In the end, those actions will affect someone. I have another friend who works for a company that is a small business and the employees there, Really don’t care what happens in the business anymore. Now, some of it may be the owners fault, but at the end of the day the employees are hurting their own paycheck, as well as my friends family. Because at the end of the day the business, especially since it’s a small business is owned by a family. A family is who is affected. It doesn’t matter, if people think the family is rich, whether they are or not it’s kind of a moot point. The point is a family still affected. It comes down to another person. And in this case the actions of others are hurting multiple people including, themselves.

Maybe my morals are old-fashioned. Maybe people like me really don’t have a place in this new world that we live in. You know the one, the world where as long as you get yours it’s OK to hurt someone else. The one where if I worked really hard for what I have then I should just give it to you even if you don’t work. The world where if you actually go out and do work it’s frowned upon. The world where I have to accept you for who you are, but you don’t have to take into account any of my feelings, thoughts, or traditions if they don’t fit into your world view. The world where we’re teaching our children to hate one another while we’re saying that we’re trying to teach them to except diversity. The world where we judge others without really knowing who they are. The world where it has become OK to physically hurt others in the name of some cause that you’re trying to forward Maybe, there is no place for old-fashioned morals today. I hope that I’m wrong. I fear that I’m not. Working in sales shows me the very best of people and the very worst. I still believe that every person has good inside of them. I still believe, even if a person is acting horribly, maybe there’s a reason. In fact, the other day I ran into a man that I had just done my best to not have many interactions with because every time I talked to him, he was condescending and treated me as an inferior. I had Oscar outside going potty at the dealership, and the man walked up. Oscar untoward whatever ice block there was between us and the man actually talked to me as a person. So, I will maintain that there is good in everyone. It’s just up to us to see it. If we don’t take the time to give someone another chance to show us who they really are, and we really might miss out on someone great. If we are too busy trying to get ahead we may forget about the people that we may be stepping on, then at the end of the day we may be the first one to cross the finish line but if there’s no one there to really care about anything that we won or achieved then what good is it?

And any rate, I didn’t mean to turn this into a long bench on our house. I was just pondering this as I was driving and listening Oscar complain about having to go to work. I hope everyone has a great day and I’ll leave you with a couple photos that you may or may not have seen before. talk to you soon!

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