I have not written for some time now.  I have been terrible about it really.  I make no excuses, it is the way things go sometimes.  I am in a different place now and I actually have time to sit down and collect my thoughts.  I have time to write to you again.  I have still been observing people and trying to go on adventures.  I have the feeling that I will have a bit more time for them now.

I went out this morning for a short adventure and found a small beach not too far from the house.  It was a very nice drive in the RZR and perfect for my first solo run.  There really wasn’t any trouble for me to get into.  The flies were horrid though so I headed home to research how to combat those.  Anyway. I did get some pretty nice shots this morning, but I was missing my partner in crime.  I was missing Rod.  He is home in Mississippi with the boys.  He makes all my RZR adventures so fun.  There were houses that were gorgeous that I knew he would have liked and I saw a sailboat out on the Lake and a really cool cloud.  If he were here I would have shown them all to him and he would have appreciated the fact that I was showing him.  I am pretty sure that he enjoys most of the things I comment on…either that or like any good husband he knows how to humor his wife.  LOL.  Hopefully he will be able to visit soon.  Until then, thank goodness for technology.  He can almost be here…even when he isn’t.

So, I will be writing about my adventures here…and of course my crazy observations about people and life.  It is funny how this blog has changed, but then, my boys don’t adventure with me anymore.  They have grown into men that work and don’t have time for that.  And that is the way it goes.  Anyway, I will leave you with a photo and a quote for today… Father’s Day.  I hope that you have the best day yet!

“Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you gave away to save another struggling soul like you.”
― Shannon L. Alder6-14-18 (6)_Fotor

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