Embracing Life’s Craziness.

I had a plan today.  I had every intention of getting up at 5 and starting my day.  Well, I am having trouble with my alarm clock for some reason.  Anyway, I slept in.  Some days are just that way.  I wasn’t behind, I just didn’t stick to the plan.  It was that way all day.  I intended to ship out molds on Friday.  I am shipping tomorrow.  By the way, I have actually managed to sell a few!  Everyone is telling me that no one will buy them, but there are a lot of people online looking for them.  Anyway.

Then I got home and made supper.  Stir fry tonight.  The dogs loved it too!  Then I decided that I needed to get a photo for whatever I was going to write about tonight.  So, I took Oscar outside and went searching.  The photo I ended up with is a good one, and I intended to write something that would fit with it, but then…craziness began.

Rod got Oscar wound up, even though Rod is thousands of miles away, (security system.  Not even kidding), this led to Atlas voicing his displeasure at the noise level, which led Oscar to make even more noise as I shot his picture.  So, I began with a photo of the flowers that my Mother-In-Law helped me plant…(love them too!)


Switched to a photo of my little turkey, Oscar:

6-18-18 (6)_Fotor

And ended up with an absolutely lovely photo of my old boy howling as the sunlight shines in on him.  There is also a kitchen towel behind him that reminds us to Trust your Journey.

6-18-18 (1)_Fotor

Normally this would not make me stop long enough to snap a shot.  But I have been trying to go with life’s flow more often even when it is crazy.  I can’t control the craziness of life, that is for sure; and if you look, often times you will find golden moments hidden in the folds of craziness that surround you.  My old fellow takes his time these days and moves a bit slower than he used to, but maybe he is seeing something special to howl about.  Maybe he is trying to tell me that it really doesn’t get better than this…A full belly, someone who loves you and laughter.  Always love and laughter.

Find the golden moments.  Those are the memories that are worth keeping.  Talk to you again soon.

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