Sunday Adventure!!

Since I am up here by myself, I try to keep myself busy.  During the week that is usually not an issue.  Get up, go to work, come home, make supper, finish working…you know the drill.  On Saturdays, I clean and I washed my truck yesterday…she is so clean!  But Sundays have an entire day stretching out before me like an unwinding ribbon that you can’t see the end of.  So, I adventure.  Last week I took the RZR out just a little bit, but since it is not here this week, I thought I’d go for a hike.

That should not really be an issue, right?  I mean there are tons of places to hike around here and they all have established trails.  I had been thinking about my husband a lot this morning so I wanted to go and get some pictures of a certain place that we both had often wondered about.  It is a bridge that you can see from the Lake Of The Clouds Overlook.  So, I went to the Welcome Center and got a map.  I talked to one of the workers there and he told me what trail I needed to take.  Well, as usual, when it comes to me and directions, all did NOT go as planned.  I planned on a couple mile hike, I ended up hiking 10 miles today (according to my Health App on my iPhone).  But, I have to say, the views were gorgeous!

I parked in the parking area and set off.  I should have guess by the fact that the trail went pretty much straight up that I should have gotten a second opinion.  My health app also says that I climbed 115 flights of stairs.  I was curious as to how they measured that so I looked it up.  Apparently for every 10 feet in elevation gain they consider it one flight of stairs.  So that means that I gained 1150 feet in elevation today.  Gosh, I can honestly believe that.  At any rate, I thought, and this is what I get for thinking, that once I got to the top it would level out.  Aaaand it did, but not for a while.  So, in my quest for an easy trail to take my husband to see this bridge, I climbed several mountains today.  I have to say, it was a daunting task, but it was worth it.  I think the worst part was after I found the bridge and walked back down the actual road to my truck, that took forever!!

Walking in the woods, even if you are on a trail, gives you plenty of alone time.  There were times that I ran into people, and even chatted with a few nice ones, but there were very large portions of the trail that it seemed like I was the only living person for miles and miles.  And I may have been on the early portion of the trail since it seemed like everyone else was going the other way.  With that much alone time, your thoughts just play pinball in your head.  Sometimes I thought of the wildlife, sometimes I wondered if I was going to find the bridge, sometimes I thought about where I was in my life.  Mostly my thoughts stayed with two subjects: my family and how amazing this world really is.  As I walked through some gorgeous country and walked to some breathtaking vistas, my thoughts circled back to my love for my family and my love for my husband.  I thought about the last hike Sterling and I took.  I thought about laughing with Spencer.  I thought about Lia walking through these same woods with me, just in a different spot.  And I thought about Rod.  I thought about all the laughs we share and the love we have.  I also thought about that bridge.  Trying to get to a destination that may have been a little vague is how he and I have lived our lives.  We have traveled the roads together and firmed up our destinations as we got closer.  We have made decisions together and have walked up mountains and down to get to where we are now.  Where we go tomorrow, Lord only knows, but I know that we will get there together.

I may have taken a longer route to get to the place that I was going than I origainlly planned, but I think that was part of it.  I was talking to Rod on the phone after I got home and told him how far I had gone and he said; “Yeah, but you enjoyed it.”  And I did.  I loved every minute of it.  Even if I was huffing and puffing up some parts of the mountain.  Even if the walk back to the truck took 10 years.  Even if, at the end, my “old lady hips”, as my friend Kris calls them, started to ache.  It was so worth it.  I feel recharged and my soul is full

I will say this.  I do need to learn how to properly read the map they give you and understand which spots actually correspond to the places on the map in real life.  And, pack a sandwich.  Oh, and a snowmobile gets you down Hwy 107 much faster than by foot.

Anyway, I hope that everyone had an amazing day.  I want to leave you with a couple of shots from my adventure today.  Next Sunday I think I’ll try another trail, maybe I can try them all this summer.  Talk to you soon!




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