My Worldview

Each day I try to take a shot to share with Facebook and say it is my Worldview that morning/day/evening.  I do that for a very specific reason…perhaps a naive one, but we will get into that in a bit.  First of all, does anyone really understand what a Worldview actually is?

According to Collins Dictionary a Worldview can be defined in the following way:  ord forms: plural world views 

A person’s world view is the way they see and understand the world, especiallyregardingissues such as politicsphilosophy, and religion.  OR
the way that someone perceives the world


OK, so what exactly is the point?  Well, according to researchers and people a lot smarter than I am, a person’s worldview is shaped by their surrounds…things they read, things they watch, people in their circle…that kind of thing.  Their worldview is a very core set of beliefs that they may or may not realize that they even have.  This set of beliefs can and is influenced every day by the things that we hear, the things we do, our politicians, the news, our schools…the list goes on and on.  Unfortunately, for some reason there are those who seem to want our worldview to be a negative one.  They seem to want us to think that everything is bad.  They don’t want us to have any hope and want us to stay downtrodden.

Every day we hear bad news.  It is easy to listen to negative things and even easier to believe them.  When you are constantly bombarded with a negative view of the world it is easy to lose the hopeful part of our worldview.  Hope is like a single flame in a dark night…it can light up the world but it must be protected and nourished…not an easy task.  I, for one, don’t believe that hope is gone.  I believe that there is so much beauty and goodness in the world.  Most people are just conditioned to not see it.  So, my posts about my worldview are simply my humble attempt to add a bit of positive to someone else’s day.  There will always be heartache.  There will always be pain.  We don’t have to forget that there is beauty as well.  One smile can be infectious.  I found a quote when I was thinking about this blog today that fit particularly well:

“If we all work together there is no telling how we can change the world through the impact of promoting positivity online.”
― Germany Kent

And one more:

The stuff of thought is the seed of the artist. Dreams form the bristles of the artist’s brush. As the eye functions as the brain’s sentry, I communicate my innermost perceptions through the art, my worldview.

My art…my photos if you will…are how I communicate my worldview.  Take a look sometime.  It is gorgeous.  Maybe if you borrow my view for a bit you will find the beauty in yours.  When you do, share it with someone else.  If we share it long enough and often enough then maybe…And maybe I am naive, but I will keep on.  So, if you see me posting my worldview, share yours.  Good or bad, I would love to see it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day today and I will leave you with a couple of shots that you may or may not have seen before.  Talk to you soon!

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