I had made a chiropractic appointment for today before the events of yesterday and I had forgotten to call.  It was a new chiropractor and this was the last one that I was trying.  I seem to have bad luck with chiropractors.  If you ask Rod, he will tell you that whatever is wrong with me is beyond helping, but I hold out hope.  Anyway, even though I didn’t really feel like going, I got myself up and got dressed and went.

She explained the approach that she uses and we talked for a bit and then she began to work on me.  Over the course of an hour, and I must say it was nice to be pain free when I left there, we chatted about all manner of things.  One topic we talked about has been rolling around in my head since I left there.  I am guessing that means that it wants me to take it out and examine it.  That is what usually happens with thoughts like that.  The topic we were discussing was tenacity.

Now, as I am sure that you probably figured out, I stayed away from the subject of Atlas, even though he came up.  Conversation rambled and ebbed and flowed and then we started talking about the fact that people don’t seem to have it in them to keep trying.  Then she said that she had had a client come in and tell her that was called tenacity and very few people actually have it anymore.  We rolled through that part of the conversation and I headed home.  However, it was just something that I couldn’t help but mull over.  If you look up tenacity in the dictionary this is what you will see:


npersistent determination

Type of:

the quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose

That’s it?  Just being determined on more than one occasion?  Trying to make sure that you get something done?  That’s all?  Everyone should be able to muster up the want to to be determined about something.  Be tenacious in your life!  It is the only one that you get.  Be tenacious in love.  Be tenacious about anything.  Unfortunately, I too see far to many people that just give up.  When things get hard, they give in.  They never make it to the crest of the hill.  They never feel the feeling of accomplishment that comes with succeeding in what you set out to do.

It saddens me that the people of the generations behind me don’t have the inner strength that we were given by our ancestors.  It saddens me even more that most of them don’t even want to find it.  Well, those are my thoughts for the night.  I will leave you with a really good quote and some shots that I know you have not seen before, Oscar and I got them on the beach tonight as we walked.  I have to make sure Oscar gets to bed early tonight.  Tomorrow he and I are going to go on a hike.  I know that he is only a Yorkie, but he is definitely a tenacious one!
Oh, and by the way, thank you to everyone and their kind words about Atlas, they meant the world to all of us.  Talk to you all soon.
“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

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