Adventures with Oscar

Well, Oscar completed his first hike.  I know, a Yorkie doesn’t usually hike, but Oscar thinks he is a much bigger dog.  Shhhh…I know he is small, but he has a big heart for sure.  So back to hiking.  Since he had never gone on a hike, and not that many long walks, Atlas never walked very far, I was not sure how this was going to go.  So I planned a nice short(er) hike.

I decided that we would travel to a couple of waterfalls that I had not seen before, Overlooked Falls and Greenstone Falls.  I chose wisely, the trail to get to Overlooked Falls was nice and easy.  Mostly a road really.  Oscar was having the time of his life, but when I wanted to get closer to the water, he was not so sure.  So, I picked him up and down we went.

7-29-18 (15)_Fotor

On this hike, there are two waterfalls that are relatively close to one another so, we traveled on.  On the way to Greenstone Falls there are several drops so the scenery is beautiful.  This part of the trail was actually in the woods so Oscar was having a ball.  We stopped to take a photo at one of the smaller drops and Oscar, who had been jumping from place to place, obviously thought that a certain part of the river was not as deep as it was and promptly fell in up to his neck.

7-29-18 (26)_Fotor

Note to self:  bring towels for Oscar.

After we dried off, (he acted really embarrassed during this), we continued onward.  The falls we were here to see were just up ahead.   We finally got there and they were definitely worth the hike, which was not long at all.  I think all told today we hiked about 3 miles.  I have heard that Yorkies are very popular small dogs to hike with so I think this will be something that he will enjoy very much.  And, today was all about getting us out of the house.  Oscar misses Atlas just as much as I do.  If he smells him his little tail goes crazy, if he hears his collar jingle he looks at the door waiting for his big brother to walk in…we both needed a bit of a break today.  We both needed to do something that was just for us.  Something that we will do again, and again in a place that is filled with beauty and all kinds of smells to smell.

At the end of the day, we had a great hike, even ending up in the river was not so bad.  And, now that I know that he can do it and actually likes it we can do it again.  I don’t know how fast little doggie hearts heal, but I do know that today helped us both.  Sometimes you just need to let go of it all, just for a bit.  All the pain and sadness that you are going through will still be there when you get back.

I hope that each of you did something enjoyable today.  While Oscar and I were not exactly happy, we did laugh a bit.  We smiled once or twice and we enjoyed a hike together.  It’s just he and I now, so today was the first step forward in that new reality for us.  Today was the beginning of Oscar’s Adventures.  I have the feeling that there will be a lot of them.  I am leaving you tonight with a couple of shots from Oscar’s first adventure.  I hope that you enjoy them and I will talk to you all very soon.

7-29-18 (38)_Fotor7-29-18 (46) Atlas is in the sunspot_Fotorimg_2576End of the first hike.  He is beat!!


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