Trap Falls August 5, 2018

Another week has gone by.  It actually went pretty quickly.  Oscar took his first ride on a bicycle, and didn’t jump out.  So, I was excited about that.  When it came time to think about an adventure this week, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to, but he gave me that Oscar look so I began to plan.   I thought that a shorter hike would be better since it was only his second one so I began to pour over the map.  There was a waterfall that I had missed when I went to Union Spring and I thought that it would be perfect, and there was a shorter route to it as well.  OK!  We were going to head to Trap Falls.

Now, I had never actually made it to this waterfall so it was a new adventure for me as well.  The map said it was about 2 miles one way so I thought it would be long, but doable.  I made sure that we had all the right gear…I need to really invest in proper hiking gear…and made us snacks…checked the weather…wrote a note…in general did everything that you do when you are going on a hike.  Then we loaded up in the RZR and went to get the truck.

I have been trying to teach him different words and phrases just for hiking, like “hike” and “stay on the bridge” and “hup” and “whoa” and it seems to be working so far.  Well, he gets excited at the word “Hike” anyway.

We set off in the truck toward the Procupine Mountains.  According to it is a 4 mile trail that is rated as a moderate out and back trail.  Well, that should be right up our alley.  We parked at the Government Peak parking area and after checking our gear and getting situated we started off.  It was a good trail.  The beinning was a bit of a climb but after that we entered a gorgeous section of the park with lots of mature trees.  There was a feeling of being totally isolated, which I have mentioned before, only this time, there was Oscar.  Speaking of Oscar…that little guy was on Doggie Cloud 9.  There were smells galore!  He ran, he climbed and he explored.  Always in front of me, and always making sure that I was coming along.  He was leashed of course, but he didn’t pull like he does at the house.  It was just he and I enjoying time together in the woods.

We walked on and it was a fairly easy hike for the most part.  I carried him over the really wet and muddy areas, there were only really 2 stretches and we finally came to a river with waterfalls.  It was not the waterfall we set out to see, but I could see he was just starting to get tired and we probably had another 1/2 mile to go, so another mile total.  He really wanted to go on, but I made the decision to stop for snacks and call it a day.  We stopped at one of the two camping areas and had our snack down by the river.  We spent some time near the waterfalls taking pictures and then we headed back the way we came.  For me, it is never the destination, it is always the journey along the way.  I wanted him to continue to enjoy hiking with me and not be totally beat or injured on our second hike, so we will get to Trap Falls another day.

On the way out, I knew that there were the two muddy and wet sections so Oscar got to ride in the backpack for about 1/4 of a mile (if that) .  He was not really a happy guy about that, but I assured him that no one would know.  And then, wouldn’t you know it, we met some people.    The first woman was giving me an odd look and I thought it was because of the backpack.  I said that he had gotten tired after about 2.5 miles.  Her terse reply was, “Well, he is really little.”  The next people I met also gave me an odd look and didn’t want anything to do with Oscar at all, meanwhile he is trying to get them to pet him.  I have decided that maybe people think that Oscar shouldn’t be out on the trail because he is a small dog.  Well, he may be small but he has a big heart.  He loves hiking with me and it is a shame that they can’t see that he is simply doing the same thing that they are doing.  He is on a leash, he is following the rules, he is just little.  Well, I don’t see the need to stop hiking with him any time soon.  Maybe I will get him a doggie biker jacket so he looks tougher…Nah.

At any rate, we made it home, had a successful hike, and really didn’t get rained on all that much.  He took a nap and I think we may venture to the beach, (in the RZR…he is done walking for the day) for sunset.  One thing I have learned is that with Oscar, I have to watch how I take pictures.  I will get the shot ready and then he will move.  There goes my focus.  Ah Well, I guess that picture was meant just for me.  So, I will slow down and take more time with my shots, maybe I will become a better photographer because of it.  Anyway, I hope that all of you had an amazing day and I wanted to leave you with a couple of shots from our adventure today.  Talk to you soon.

8-5-18 (8)_Fotor8-5-18 (17)_Fotor8-5-18 (24)_Fotor

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