A Few Words

I was looking for a quote to help me write this post, but I am guessing that I was just meant to write what was in my heart, so here we go.

I had a conversation with my acupuncturist, (long story) today about how this is my 21st wedding anniversary.  She was astounded to hear of two people being together that long.  She said it sounded like an eternity.  I know that it has passed in the blink of an eye.  I have been a wife for 21 years to a man that is the other half of me.  He is where my soul found a home.  If ever there were two people who were meant to be, it is Rod and I.  No one would have guessed that in the beginning, but here we are…years later…and stronger each day.

I think a marriage should be hard.  I think it should be work.  I think there should be ups and downs and sorrow and joy.  I have been lucky enough to have all of that.  I have been lucky enough to have fallen in love with a man that annoys me to no end, but one that I don’t ever want to live without.  I am lucky enough to be married to a man that I am so proud of and a man that makes me shake my head.  A man who is tough as nails, but has a soft side as well.  I am lucky enough to be able to walk through this life with someone by my side who will push me to reach past my limits and be there to hold me if I fall.

If, by some random chance of fate, I am suddenly gone, I hope he knows that I have looked forward to each day with him.  I have known that we would make it through anything because as long as we are together I had faith that we could conquer anything…I have faith in him.  I have had the best life, the most love and I would never trade one day that I have spent being his wife.  I hope he knows that the love I have for him is eternal…no matter where I am, I am always with him.  I hope he knows that I appreciate everything he has ever done for us…I am so glad that he chose to love me the way that I love him…unconditionally.  Our love is the storybook kind that I wanted when I was a little girl.  I am lucky enough to have gotten that wish.  Being his wife is the greatest adventure that I have ever been lucky enough to be on.  Thank goodness he saw more in me than I saw in myself when we met.

Each year I look back at where we have been and think how much stronger we are.  As long as we are together the world will always be a place full of adventures for us to have.  Oh, and Rod…I am going to think about dancing lessons soon…I am still wanting a dance on our 50th wedding anniversary.  Just warning you ahead of time.

I am going to leave you with a few shots of my husband on this, our 21st wedding anniversary.  I hope that each of you find someone that you choose to love unconditionally…I hope you find that person that completes you…I hope you find a place that your heart can call home.  Talk to you all soon.  Rod, I love you.




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