Apologize for not writing yesterday, Sunday was just a horrible day.m that carried over into Monday. Early Sunday morning my little Felix dog got hit by a car. It was kind of my fault, I didn’t have them on a leash, and I do live by a busier road. And that is something that I have to come to terms with.. Everything that happened from that point on just went from bad to worse. But anyway, my husband took it pretty hard, because he really liked Felix. So, his way of dealing with things was to go out and get another puppy from the same dad that Felix came from. He brought him to me yesterday, he has named him Oscar

I think, whenever a pet leaves us our hearts break. And everyone deals with sadness in different ways. My husband, gets mad and then tries to fix things. I deal with it slowly, overtime. The sadness stays with me. Until eventually it doesn’t hurt quite so much anymore. time makes things better. you’re heart never heals, but the pain does lesson. So now, I’m driving to work, talking to you, and I have Oscar with me. Oscar just turned six weeks old, so he can’t be left at home for Atlas babysit. Atlas, in case you don’t know, is my 12-year-old more fat than fluffy yellow lab whom I love dearly. However, he would not be a good babysitter to a teeny tiny Yorkie. We will have to let Oscar get a little older before that happens. Eventually they will spend the days doing whatever they do while I work, probably have parties, but not yet.

What my husband has done, has given me something else to think about besides Felix. I’m sure he kind of did it on purpose. And in his way, he was being sweet, and he was also numbing his own pain at the same time. He also didn’t want to think about losing Atlas. You see, Atlas has seizures. Little dogs for whatever reason seem to help Atlas to not have seizures. When there is no little dog in the house, he will have a seizure at least once a week, when there is a little dog in the house he will have a seizure or maybe once every three or four months. And that old guy doesn’t need to be having any seizures.

So, I will be focused on taking care of Oscar instead of focusing so much on what I did wrong with Felix. Having a puppy that small is almost like having a baby, you really don’t have time to think about anything else. My boss, thankfully, gave me the OK to bring him to work until he’s old enough to stay at home with Atlas. So, hopefully potty training will be easier with Oscar than it was with Felix. I miss Felix desperately. In fact, the first night that he was gone I could still feel him snuggled up to me as I slept. I didn’t feel that last night, but I had Oscar to take care of. My heart is broken and it hurts the way it always does. When we lose a pet. But, eventually it won’t hurt so much. Felix brought unmeasurable joy into my life. He was a character, he was definitely his own man. Well, as much as any dog can be. But, it’s not fair to Oscar for me to dwell on Felix. And anyone that knows me knows that I’m all about being fair. So, unfortunately I have to say goodbye to Felix. I can’t dwell on the past, and tomorrow’s a new day. I will miss him so much, but as with any pet we truly love I know that he will be waiting for me on the other side of the rainbow bridge. I don’t want the day to be too soon however it can’t come soon enough. I will definitely never forget him, and I’m glad to of had him for the short time that I did.

I hope each and everyone of you have an amazing day today. I’ll leave you with a couple pictures, I’ll introduce you to Oscar in the first picture, and say goodbye to Felix in the last ones. Talk to you soon



Sometimes, life gets to be hectic. Sometimes, you make mistakes and you have to learn lessons. Sometimes your feelings get hurt, but you still have to go on. Sometimes your nose rubbed in the fact that people are just jerks. So, you have to remember the good things in life. You have to remember The good things that you do that outweigh the bad. You have to remember the good moments in your life that far outnumber the bad. You have to remember those great days, especially when you’re having one word seems to rain all the time. You have to remember that you’re a good person no matter how many people hurt your feelings, or tell you that you’re the last person that they should deal with. You have to remember all the people that love you instead of the ones that are trying to make you feel small because they feel small themselves.

So this morning, I would like to show you a few pictures that relaxed me and help me to remember the things are actually pretty darn great. Got to go to work this morning, so I’m keeping this short. Talk to you all again soon and have an amazing day!


** don’t read this if you don’t want to read a quasi-political rant based on The crazy things that are going on in our country today **

I usually don’t get into political things. From my point of you live your life the way you want to. As long as it’s not bothering me, I really don’t care. I have my own life to worry about, my own bills, my own frustrations, my own struggles. I don’t really have time to worry about your life. I am strong enough in my beliefs and my convictions to be able to live my life independently of your life. I really don’t need to take a poll to see what I need to do next or find out what is socially excepted. I kind of think that’s the way it should be. Oh, I’ll be there to help someone if they need it, I’m just not going to insert myself and every aspect of someone else’s life. I mean who really has the time for that? Well, apparently lots of people have the time to insert themselves and other peoples lives and tell them how to live.

Right now, in society today, we are being inundated with hate. I don’t know why, these are issues that we’ve dealt with our entire lives. And in all honestly no one really has it that much worse than someone else. I mean, really the only reason that my sister who is a lesbian has anything to worry about is because of hate. I mean, people really don’t care who she’s married to, they really don’t, unless it gives them a reason to hate. And the only reason they hate her is because they don’t understand…they’re afraid. Well whoop Dee Doo. So what if a person is different , Who cares. We are a country of people that are different from one another! Well, let me quantify that by saying in my opinion, most people don’t have it any worse than another person. My grandma, came from a small town in West Virginia. She met my grandpa while she was working as a Rosie the Rivetor. My grandpa, was in the war. They came from a generation that just got things done. The next generation, just got things done. They all knew how to work, they took pride in hard work, and they honestly cared about one another. They seem to realize that if their neighbor did well, they would do well. There weren’t as many people that were living off public assistance, and the ones that did were ashamed. Public assistance was not something that you strove to get onto. I have always had to work as well. Nothing was ever handed to me, and I didn’t want it to be. When you work hard for something you respect it more. Now, let’s fast-forward to today. We have so many people on welfare, so many people that aren’t working, we don’t take care of one another, we don’t take care of our veterans, and we don’t have any respect for ourselves, our neighbors, or anything that we have. I maintain that that is because we don’t work for it. We have a government that tells us it’s OK to sit on our Duff’s. We have a society that tells us that it’s OK and all we need to do is take a pill. We don’t work through hurt anymore we diagnose it and Medicate it. We don’t know how to solve problems, because we can’t think outside the box. If the answer is not right there in front of us or on a computer screen we can’t figure it out. The greatest nation in the world, has been reduced to this.

Today’s pictures, may or may not offend someone but since this is my blog, I really don’t care. But today’s pictures show work, and honor, dedication, and sacrifice. One picture is of one of the drills in a mine in the upper Peninsula of Michigan. The men that worked in those mines, knew what hard work and sacrifice were. The second and third pictures are in a Civil War cemetery. These, are Confederate graves, but what does it matter what kind of graves they are? The men still sacrificed everything for their families and their homes. The fourth picture is just a picture that I like, so you’ll just have to deal with that one LOL.

If I acted, the way that those people on television act, those protesters my grandma would be so ashamed of me. And the one thing that scares me more than anything is to have that woman be ashamed of me. Now, she’s been gone a long time, yet I still try and live my life in a way that she would be proud of. I don’t know where these other people were raised, but they obviously don’t care if someone’s ashamed of them or not. For some reason they are so angry, that they feel like it’s OK to just take it out on everyone. It’s not OK. And until we take some accountability and responsibility for our own personal mistakes and flaws and issues, then it doesn’t matter how many laws get past or bills get introduced into Congress it’s not going to matter. No matter how many statues you take down or monuments you blast, if you’re not happy with who you are, you’ll never be happy with anything. Go to work, get a little dirty, stop giving your kids everything they desire, it’ll do them a little bit a good to go without some stuff or maybe work for it. Obviously a lot of people have too much time on their hands to begin worrying about why this person has more than they do, maybe because they work for it! Or, somebody in their family worked for it.

I have never seen such a time in my life. I’m never seen a time when there is so much hate. I’ve never seen a time when you had to be afraid what you said to someone because they might take offense. I mean really? When did our skin become so thin? All of these slights, and injustices, whether they’re real or perceived, some of them really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Sure, they matter to the person, but not everyone thinks the same way, and as adults, we should be able to take criticism. You just have to let it go. Move On. Now, do I think that there are issues that we need to work on as a society? Of course I do! Equality, real equality is something we will always struggle with. Simply because somebody always wants to be better than someone else. Someone always wants to have control, and so it’s hard to be equal when someone is trying to be better., But that makes us better as a society. Competition does make us better. Winning some and losing some build character. And yes, I do mean losing not getting a trophy for participating. So, to end this political diatribe, all I’ll say is this, if you get out and you actually work for what you want then you will respect what you have. If you respect what you have you will respect what other people have. If you respect what other people have, they will respect what you have. If they respect what you have, then they will respect you as a person because you’re working hard and getting things and doing what you’re supposed to do. If they respect you as a person, that means that they will respect your feelings. And as for stuff that happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago, monuments and statues are not who we are. They are signpost to where we’ve been. They are important pieces of our history. Maybe not for the reasons that they were erected, but because they were erected. They were something to be proud of, or something to learn from. That’s why you have a monument. That’s why almost every city in the nation has a street name Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard. It shows respect to someone who did something great. Whether you agree with that or not, that’s your right, that’s the country that we live in. But no one ever erects a monument to hurt someone else. No one erects some monument to be mean, and no one asks that someone take a monument down simply because it offends them. Maybe, it wouldn’t be so offensive if we tried to look at it from both sides. And I’m not saying that the monuments are not hurtful, I’m not that person I have no idea, but instead of tearing it down, maybe we put something up beside it. Or maybe, we all just go back to doing what we’re supposed to do. Worrying about our own lives. Playing with our children. Working, and not trying to figure out ways not to work. Maybe we just start using the golden rule more. Honestly I think that would solve it all. And that would be something I would not be ashamed to do.

I apologize for the lengthy rant, but I do hope everyone has a great day and I’ll talk to you again soon


I've been pretty stressed out lately. I don't know if it has to do with hormones, or work, or my husband, or the state of the world today, but the stress has been there. Sometimes, I find myself thinking about running away to a tiny house. I mean, I have you seen that show? Tiny house big living? Those people take Little trailers and turn them into houses and go off and live in them. I guess minimalist living at its finest. What I have noticed though, is that most of those people, put their house on their parents property. Now, I in no way want to do that. However, the allure of a tiny house, and pulling it behind a truck is that you would really have very few worries. I mean, you could live a nomadic lifestyle going from place to place and always have your home with you. There's always jobs if you want to work. You could detassel corn, pick berries, work from a laptop, or, find a construction job to pay you cash. The possibilities are limitless. In fact, within the past month I have talked to two people, that want to buy motorcycles and just take off. They say they want to take their motorcycle themselves, a bag, and that's it and just go. I do know of one guy that actually did it.

So, maybe I'm not alone. Maybe the world is getting to be a more stressful place. Maybe we all just want to throw up our hands and say that's it I'm done! But, the responsible thing is to keep going on, and in the end, that is what I'll do. Running away and living in a tiny house is one of those things that you think about when you're really really stressed out. Then, you put your boots on and pull them up and figure out a way to get through it, or at least that's what I do. I do think that each of us needs a little bit of peace. Whether it's wind therapy from a motorcycle, a vacation home where you can go and get away and leave all of your worries behind, or just date night with your significant other. There are scientific studies that say that stress will make you very sick. In fact, stress can actually kill a person. And we live in a very stressful world. I do know that I had a migraine last night, and most likely it was induced by stress. So, that's a wake up call to me that I need to become a little less stressed. And, in 41 days, I will be headed to the place that is like a soothing balm to my stressed-out soul. Can't wait.

So, the photos for today are ones that remind me to not be stressed. To take a minute and take a breath. Sometimes I forget to do that. Sometimes I let my stresses become bigger than they actually are.

I hope each and everyone of you take a minute and breathe. Or maybe two minutes. I don't want to see anything happen to anyone of you, and I know that I don't like the feeling when I'm stressed. It is kind of a gateway to a bunch of other bad things. So, I'm going to take that minute I'm going to breathe, and I'm going to look at these photos and remember that my life is pretty darn good. Not even because I have a vacation home or a home where I have where I live or even the job. It's good just because it is. I woke up this morning. I am able to get out of bed. I can face another day, and no matter what stresses come my way today, I can overcome them. No matter how many times people try to treat me like I'm stupid, or not worthy, or less then, I know I'm worth something. I am a good person, or I try to be. So no matter how many time someone tries to beat you down today just remember that. We are all good people, we are all worth something. And don't let your stress Control you. It will be gone before you know it, one way or the other. I hope everyone has an awesome day today, and I will talk to you again soon

Letting go

I think I'm going to start approaching this a little differently. I hope you don't mind. I'm still going to tell you my opinion on things, basically this is where I spill my crazy ideas! LOL! I hope they're not too crazy, but I am getting older, and you know they say as people get older they get crazier. And any rate, I think what I'm going to do is pick one photo, and kind of focus on my thoughts that stem from that photo. So, here's the photo for today

This photo is very fitting, because it reminds me to take a breath and just let shit go. In life, we are so often inundated with things that mess up our program. Other peoples stupidity, the way other people perceive us or treat us, the world, and perhaps our own stupidity at times. We're going along, and we have this nice little plan of how our day or year or week or life or whatever should go, and then all of a sudden something happens and our emotions change your course. Maybe you get mad and totally forget what your end goal is supposed to be, or maybe you get sad and go off on this other tangent whatever the reason, we have to let things go.

In a way, we can almost become emotional hoarders. And I mean that in the truest sense of the word. Everybody's watched that show hoarders, I mean it kind of like pulls you in. There you have a person, for whatever reason they have filled their house with belongings. Maybe they're clean and maybe they're not; maybe they have rats, and maybe they don't, but in the end they're all the same. They have floor to ceiling piles of stuff. I think our emotions can kind of work the same way. Someone does something and makes you angry, you store it away somewhere. Someone hurts your feelings, and there you go adding it to another pile. Someone else does something that you perceive as wrong, and it goes in a third pile. After a day, you can have one pile that's already as high as the ceiling of your little room. That's why I say you have to let things go. And don't get me wrong, I am a world-class grudge holder. I believe very firmly that there are things you should and should not do. I believe very firmly that there are certain ways that you should treat people. I guess I have what most people would call a very strict moral code. There's right, and there's wrong. And there are gray areas, but they have to be justified. It's just one of my little quirks. I try my very best to follow the Golden rule to the letter. It doesn't always work, and sometimes I do bad things. But, the thing that we're talking about here, is that when people do things that I don't understand why they would possibly do something like that. I set it off on the pile, and pick it up later and ponder on it. I rub it, and worry it to death, until finally I am ready to let it go. I have gotten so much better at letting things go, I just can't let them go right away.

In the end, I really think that that is one of the keys to a happy life. Letting things go. Here is a truth: People are jerks! People are going to hurt you and not realize why they do it or that they're even doing it. You have to let that go. You can't hold onto it. It can color your whole day. Or perhaps, your whole week or year. And I also believe, That the way we treat other people has a profound impact on their world as well. So, if we follow that logic, if I am holding onto something that someone has done to me and I treat someone in a way that's not as good as it should be, maybe that just adds to whatever problems they're having. On the other hand, if I let go of whatever I have put on my pile, and I treat someone the way I would want to be treated, maybe my smile is the thing that they needed to help them in their life. We never really can't tell how we impact another's life. All I know for sure is that we do. I want my impact on everyone's life to be a good one.

Obviously, I had an incident this morning that I have to let go. And, through this blog I've done that. Different people are at different places on their journeys in their lives. Some people never realize how much their words or actions can hurt others. So, since I seem to be farther along in my journey, I'm going to work harder on letting it go. The picture, from today is a sunset on the shores of Lake Superior when I am having a bad day, that lake never fails to lift my spirits. It is so much larger than I am, it makes me remember that even though I'm a small part I'm still in important part of the world. I hope, that each of you find something that reminds you how important you are. That enables you to let things go that are just piling up in the emotional rooms of your mind. That helps you on the path to leading a happy and fulfilling life, the kind of life that we were really meant to have.

Have a great day, and I'll talk to you all soon!


I am sitting here thinking of the past.  I am going to set this to publish in the morning, but tonight, as I write, my mind is taking me back 18 years.  I was getting ready to do one of the most important things that I have ever done…give birth to my oldest son.  That's right.  Tomorrow at 5:24am Spencer will turn 18.

I have so many things that I want to tell him and so many things that I want to keep him from doing.  Yet, I know that I have to let him travel his own road.  Time has taken him toward adulthood faster than I was ready for.  Time is a thief that robs us while we watch.  I am sad, yet I am excited for him.  I am so very proud of him and I know that he will be okay, yet I want so much to hold him close and keep him from being hurt.  I know that I can't.

When he was young, I wrote a poem for both my boys.  I was sitting at the computer next to the bay window watching them as they played outside.  At that moment I knew that before I knew it this moment would be here.  I hope that you will indulge me if I share it with you today, I think it is fitting.  I submitted it to the International Library of Poetry and when the book came out in 2003 it was the very first poem in the book.  It is titled Winds Of Fall

Winds Of Fall

I woke one blustery day that fall to find

Time had turned and I had fallen behind.

Leaves spiraled on winds quite high

Saluting, but once, in their yearly goodbye.

There in the yard, my sons did play

Making the most of the Autumn day.

Small blond heads, bent in play

Making me yearn for another summer day.

Time is a bandit, robbing all it should meet

Making today a memory, a stranger on the street

The winds of fall wipe away my tears

As my children grow further in years.

Tomorrow, their childhood will be no more

As manhood shall be at their door.

Winds of fall, please let them play

Let them remain children for just one day.

Yet my heart knows this can't be so

And like the leaves I will watch them grow

One day to say goodbye, on winds of fall riding high.
And now it has happened.  My baby boy is now an adult in the eyes of the world.  He can vote.  He can get a tattoo, he can make his own way and there is little that I can say about it.  I remember when I met his dad.  I had no idea that I would soon be married and even less of an idea that I would soon want to make my family bigger.  Yet that is exactly what happened.  On August 3, 1999 as I watched the sun rise into the sky, my baby boy came into the world.  Life has been an amazing journey with him.  I have had the privilege of experiencing the world through his eyes.  I learned how to be a mom to a boy and I learned how to be a better mom than before.  I had the distinct honor of watching my son grow into the man he is becoming.  Or has become.  Either way it has been my honor to watch him pull on the mantle of adulthood.

I can truly say that Spencer has made mistakes and has learned from them.  I can say that he is a good man and someday may even be a great man.  I can say that he has a great sense of humor and he embodies the best qualities of his dad.  I know that if I were to leave this world tonight, he would be okay.  I just hope he knows how proud I am of who he is.  I hope he knows that my heart is filled with joy while is breaks just a little.  I hope he knows that I am looking forward to watching this next chapter of his life unfold.  The road is waiting there before him…fresh blacktop and the truck is gassed up…life is calling.  I hope he remembers to look in the rear view mirror from time to time, because that is where I will be.  I will always be his anchor, I will always be his home, he will always have my heart…no matter where his life takes him.

I am full of wishes for my son's 18th birthday.  I wish him all the love he can handle, more laughter than any day can hold, a long life filled with experiences, just a little hardship…so that he can appreciate the good times, and a little heartbreak so that the rest of the days will be that much sweeter.  I wish that, as he stands on the threshold of manhood, that time doesn't pass too quickly for him.  I hope that he remembers to savor the moments.  I know that soon he will leave the nest.  I know that my heart hurts just thinking about that, but I am excited for him.

More than anything, the one thing that I want to say to him on this momentous birthday is a line from a book we used to read.  It became kind of a tradition that we said to each other when the boys were little…"I'll love you forever, like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."  That will always be true.  I have loved him since before he was born and will love him until time ends, and even longer.  Happy Birthday son.

In honor of today, here are pictures of Spencer.  Hope you don't mind.


I talked to a man yesterday who worked in law-enforcement and he had traveled all over the place. He said one thing that struck me as rather funny. He said the drivers from the Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan area were among some of the most polite drivers he had ever encountered.  I just think that that is absolutely hilarious, because everyone complains about the way the people drive. And this man, was saying how polite those drivers are.

Perhaps what makes them so polite, is that they actually understand and obey the rules of the road. Now, this is just one man’s experience, however I kind of agree with his assessment. I’m sure there are polite drivers everywhere. We just don’t run into them all that often.  If you were driving in one of those states more than likely when you pull up to a four-way stop the people around you understand that the first person to stop is the one that goes first. And, gasp, this actually happens. So often times I pull up to a four-way stop there is  someone that seems to be racing to get to somewhere, so before they’ve even stopped, they are going through the intersection no matter how long I’ve been sitting there.

 Another thing that must be something that is taught elsewhere and not here, is that if you are turning, use your turn signal. If the person five cars in front of you is turning, do not use your turn signal. I was taught in drivers education class, because we all know I am from that area, that if you signal to let someone behind you know that someone in front of you is turning, the person behind you doesn’t know if you’re turning or someone else’s turning and they may try to go around you. Now, this does not cause a huge problem unless you, who are signaling for the person in front of you, decide to go around that person as well. Then, you have a traffic accident. If you personally are going to turn, Then put your turn signal on. Oh, by the way, for those of you that don’t know:  the turn signal is located on the steering column. It is a blinking indicator that lets people behind and in front of you know that you were going to turn,   Just thought I’d do that public service announcement.

Another thing he said was that if he went speeding through a town chasing someone, in pursuit of someone, the other drivers moved out of the way. I think that one’s kind of common sense. I can tell you that there is common sense lacking in certain drivers today. For example, just the other night I was heading home. I was on the four-lane and I was in the passing lane. I was in the passing lane because I was slowly passing a car. I was going fast enough that I was over the speed limit yet slow enough that I didn’t just whip by them. And at any  rate, a very large truck was coming up very quickly on my rear so I sped up.  Apparently, this gave the car beside me the idea that I wanted to race them because then they sped up. Now I have cars in front of me, a truck coming up on my rear and some idiot in the slow lane trying to race me. Needless to say I got by the car let the truck go by and slowed back down to the proper speed limit. Then the idiot beside me decided that they needed to go in The passing lane and simply ride beside me for awhile. This involved me speeding up again, because riding beside anyone is not a very smart idea. The moral of that little story, is: use common sense when you drive. I’m not sure that they teach that in driver’s ed anymore or if they ever have, and I wish that I could sell common sense to those lacking it. Boy, if I could do that I would be a rich woman indeed. However, somewhere in the brain of the driver there is a modicum of common sense. It’s put they’re just so when you drive, you can access it so you don’t kill other people with sheer stupidity. So, I think it’s a very good idea to use common sense and courtesy when you drive. And it doesn’t really hurt anything to be polite. If someone is going faster than you, let them in. If a police car or an ambulance or something of that nature comes up behind you let them go by. Use your blinkers, don’t drive in the passing lane unless you are passing someone. These are all things that it shouldn’t be hard to do.

And any rate, I am actually having a very good drive to work this morning. I didn’t mean to turn this into a rant, I just thought it was an interesting conversation that brought up some valid points   Enjoy your day today, and enjoy your drives. I hope you are surrounded by drivers that can actually use the common sense that they were born with, and make your drive as pleasant as mine has been. Talk to you soon