A new type of adventure

Yesterday was Sunday. It’s usually the day that I try to spend adventuring with my boys. Yesterday, I did have a sort of an adventure, but it was something that was completely new. I did have to leave home and go away from my husband for a couple hours, but he was busy working on […]

Still Hunting

When I last left you we had just gotten out of a very deep mud hole and we were back at the crossroad from before.  There were 4 directions and we knew where 3 of them went so we threw caution to the wind and took the path we didn’t know.  We may have been […]

Adventure Mine

Well, it has to rain sometimes I guess and yesterday was that day.  I woke up to rain and it continued to either pour or sprinkle all day.  Now, I had wanted to take in a lot of sights while I was here and I was not going to let a little rain stop me. […]