Dangerous Curves

Most of you know that I write a freelance article or two for my local paper from time to time.  This month I had the opportunity to write an article and take photos while touring our town’s Civil Rights Trail.    I honestly encourage any of you to take the self-guided tour, it is well […]

Old Traditions

It is funny the things I am learning on this journey of ours.  I am learning all kinds of things about Mississippi and some things that I never imagined.  There is a really good website for obscure things called: http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/ that has all kinds of interesting things and places to go along with an explanation of them. […]

Some Gave All

In keeping with looking at adventures that we have already gone on, today I will take you to the Confederate Cemetery in Enterprise, MS.  I have never been to a cemetery like this one and had no idea what to expect.  Actually this was the first real Sunday adventure.  I woke up that morning and […]


After we got done roaming around in downtown Yazoo, (we were beginning to feel like we were very alone!) we decided that we would try and find the grave of the Witch Of Yazoo.  A cemetery shouldn’t be too hard to find, right??  And besides, we had Siri.  Well……that is what we thought anyway.  We […]