Apologize for not writing yesterday, Sunday was just a horrible day.m that carried over into Monday. Early Sunday morning my little Felix dog got hit by a car. It was kind of my fault, I didn’t have them on a leash, and I do live by a busier road. And that is something that I […]

Adventures with Felix

Most of you have probably heard about my little dog Felix. He’s a little Yorkie, and he is absolutely hilarious. Well, last night I decided to take him down to the chickens with me. Now Felix always goes with me to do the chickens, and it’s usually not a big deal. Unfortunately, there are some […]

Out for a walk

After all of our adventures on Monday, we really didn’t do a whole lot on Tuesday.  More stuff around the house, but I did end up going for two memorable walks. The first one was with Felix.  We meandered our way to the beach and then we continued to meander through town.  Snapping photos all […]