Good morning 

So far today it’s a beautiful sunshiny morning. And so far today not one thing has gone wrong. It is pretty early though. It’s 757 in the morning, and I’ve been up sense oh I don’t know 4 o’clock or so. There are things that I have to do or want to do, that I […]

Fresh start

Yesterday, at work we watched the inauguration. I think it’s a good thing. And it made me think about lots of other things. I think everything is going to be different, I think the things that we as a people have gotten used to are going to change. And I’m not so sure that’s a bad […]

Dear Abby

I’m driving to work right now, and dictating this into my phone. It’s amazing how much technology there is today. Five years ago, 10 years ago this never would’ve been possible. But here I sit in my nice warm truck talking to all of you. Sometimes I really really yearning for a simpler time. I […]

Just a Little Ride

It’s Sunday and the weather is good.  There won’t be too many more days like this so Sterling was itching to go driving.  He finished helping his dad and it was only noon so we took off.  No particular destination in mind, just happy to be driving. We took a winding road, a couple of […]

I’m driving to work right now. I had to take Sterling in, for his FCA meeting. That is the Fellowship of Christian athletes. That boy loves that group. At any rate, there is a fog that is coating everything, and allowing me to see it in a different way. It is almost as if there is […]

Roadside Finds

Maybe some of you read my post titled Gas, if so, you know that Spencer had a flat tire.  Near the town we live in there is a really cool place called Pat’s Motorsports.  The people who run it are great and Rod has known them for years from snowmobiling.  At any rate, we figured […]