Sometimes there are things that we see everyday but don’t really think about.  We take them for granted.  Things we pass daily, things that have always been there and people too.  The next bridge we stopped at was in Enterprise.  I know, we have been to Enterprise before but we didn’t take a second look […]

Bridge Hunt

Yesterday Sterling, Cryslynn and I decided we were going to head out and look for adventure where we could find it.  We headed south and went off looking for a particular bridge. Old bridges are cool.  They have cool structures and who knows who may have stood on them at one time or another. This […]

Stuckey’s Bridge

Every place needs a good ghost story right?  Our next location is the site of one.  Near Enterprise there is an abandoned bridge known as Stuckeys Bridge.  The story goes that a member of the Dalton Gang named Stuckey opened an inn on the banks of the Chunky River.  At night he would murder and […]