Happy New Year

Well, it is officially 2017.  Today is a clean slate.  Today we all have the power to change our year for the better, or for the worse.  We can actually make the changes any day, but for some reason the beginning of a new year seems special to us.  We make resolutions, myself included.  Most […]

Walking With Sterling

What a lazy day!   Sometimes those are the kinds of days that you need, and I guess New Year’s Eve is as good a day as any to have a lazy day.  No one got overly excited about going anywhere and with football games to be watched, I saw a lot of clock watching […]

Out for a walk

After all of our adventures on Monday, we really didn’t do a whole lot on Tuesday.  More stuff around the house, but I did end up going for two memorable walks. The first one was with Felix.  We meandered our way to the beach and then we continued to meander through town.  Snapping photos all […]